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Shipping Cost and Shipping Terms

We ship only to shipping addresses in Germany or Switzerland. The shipment rates and conditions listed hereafter apply.

Flag:DE Shipping cost for addresses in Germany:
Order valueShipping costFurther conditions
any 4.00 €
0,01 € – 36,00 € 2.50 € "Small & Flat": Low value order with flat articles only that can be sent as a Deutsche Post Großbrief. Flat articles are: kits, circuit boards, track voltage tester, single electronic components

Detailed list of "flat articles"

Shipping cost and extra terms for addresses in Switzerland:
Order value Shipping cost
  0,01 € – 500,00 € 14.00 €

The import of goods into Switzerland leads to extra costs (e. g. customs duties, fees, VAT) that have to be paid by you as recipient.

The order value must not exceed 500 €.

For shipments directly to Switzerland, the German VAT will not be charged. The prices in the list of artices above thus reduce by the included VAT. A new calculation is done after entry of your address on the next page.

VAT reimbursement after exportation of goods carried in the personal luggage